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GES Finals

Posted by VoncooperLLC on October 5, 2011 at 5:55 PM

This past weekend I headed down to one of my favoritebike parks on the east coast, Blue Mountain PA for the Gravity East finals.Blue Mountain has unfortunately put an end to the bike park, but opened forthis special event. Knowing that this could be one of my last opportunities torace at Blue Mountain, I decided to make the long drive from Vermont. Theforecast called for a considerable amount of rain throughout the weekend, butwe lucked out for Saturdays practice and got to ride a dry, fast course. It wassimilar to the course run for the Gravity East 2 years ago, but taped muchwider, with some trees cut out and big jumps added. I got back up to speedquickly and had a blast riding all day. I got super into the course and keptgoing up for run after run, pushing my limits as the day went on. Saturdayevening brought heavy rain which was sure to stir things up.

Sunday continued to bring on and off rain. I made aquick switch to mud tires and headed up for practice. The course ran almost thesame in the wet as it did in the dry and even felt a little faster. Practiceended well and I had high expectations for the race run. During my race run Ilet it all hang out and threw down one of my best race runs of my career. Icarried amazing speed, pedaled hard and pinned every section. I came throughthe finish and knew that my run might have been good enough to be number 1 onthe day only to find out a small power outage had scrapped my time. I wasforced to take a re-run. Devastated, I tried to compose myself and re-preparemyself for another race run. I headed up to the mountain with 2 other unluckyriders, Alex Moschitti and Chris Higgerson. Prior to our re-runs, Neko Mulallyof Trek World Racing was sitting in first with a time of 3:06.66. Alex camedown first and had a mechanical/gear issue putting him out of contention.Higgerson came down next and put down an awesome time of 3:11.20 but was notable to unseat Neko. I was the last rider down and managed to put togetheranother incredible run and came through the finish with a time of 3:04.03 andmy first pro/elite victory. I have had a lot of support this year fromteammates and sponsors. I have been extremely happy with the bike and build Iran this year and hope to expand my relationship with these sponsors for nextseason as I enter the world cup realm once again.

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