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ProGRT 1 & 2

Posted by VoncooperLLC on April 11, 2013 at 3:20 PM

Since our departure from the wintery east coast we have been more busy than ever. First we raceed the ProGrt at Bootleg. Gavin finished 9th, Dylan crashed and finished 30th, and Willem finished 11th in Cat 1.

After Bootleg we made out way to Southern California to meet some sponsors and get ready for ProGrt 2 at Fontana. We visited Nema, Ryno Power, Shimano, and Atlas Brace. 

NEMA                                                                 RynoPower

Shimano                                                                                              Atlas Brace

After we visited with sponsors and did some training and then it was time for ProGrt 2 at Fontana. Gavin rode with two hurt wrists and finished 16th, Dylan pushed hard and finished 20th. Willem crashed and finished 6th in Cat 1.

Now we are making our way north to the Santa Cruz bike fest and Sea Otter. We have met some amazing people on our trip and are having a really great time! See everyone at Sea Otter!

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