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Gavin at Port Angeles

Posted by VoncooperLLC on May 4, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Still recovering after flying back from Port Angeles, WA Monday. First time flying to a race and first time in the PNW. It was a great experience. The first round of the US GP of MTB and Pro GRT had a well rounded fun track with good food vendors, and the turnout was huge. Practice and seeding went smoothly but placing 53 told me I had work to do. I charged a little harder in the finals and I finished 48th. Its not where I wanted to be, but expected with only a handful of days on the new bike, making one big mistake and a stacked field of 100+ pros. It felt great to race again after 8 months of healing, rehab and training. I was a little rusty, but surprised by how strong I felt and how good the bike was. Looking forward to more testing with the bike and then the next race in a few weeks. Big thanks to the team and are sponsors for making it happen.


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